by Tabitha Carver


Fashion January 9, 2017

This season the Velsvoir AW17 presentation ‘Nightfall’ took us to the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair.

Showcasing an all-black collection featuring the clean and elegant tailoring the brand is known for, we also had an exclusive look at the Velsvoir nightwear range which included a smoking jacket, dressing gown and pyjama suit.

Our lovely Jon introduced me to Zak, one part of the designer-duo and we had a talk about the collection this season. We took a few minutes to celebrate the colour black and he expressed his love for the versatility of the colour, explaining there should be no reason not to create a series of looks in all-black. He explained how well it coincides well with the ‘Nightfall’ theme, the tailoring itself taking inspiration from the night.
He acknowledged the departure from previous collections, which were heavily colour and pattern-based, noting the focus on versatile, strong textures and bold silhouettes possible through the very limited colour palette.

We spoke briefly about the brand’s success in the middle-east (including a recent visit to Beirut) and he assured me that London Fashion Week remains just as enjoyable as their global ventures.

The make-up was created again by collaborator Danny Defreitas, and features striking silver geometric patterns which provide a pleasing contrast to the dark looks.

The night was another success for the designer duo, with a teaming room and people lining up to talk to the designers. Thank you for having us!

P.S.: Have a peep at Jon’s incredible backstage photographs if you have the chance!




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