John Lawrence Sullivan | AW17

by Lauren Noble


Fashion January 10, 2017

From boxing to fashion, designer of John Lawrence Sullivan, Arashi Yanagawa, brings the European brand to London Fashion Week: Men’s.

The Autumn/Winter 17 collection draws inspiration from Germany, taking into considering their cultural landscape and creative arts scene. Note the word ‘Deutsch’ (German, in German) written on many garments.

What would you consider to be the typical stereotypes of masculinity? Yanagawa believes a man holds the right to remain elegant; a powerful man who reaps strength and dignity. Despite this, he feels a man should be stoic, although not passive; to be able to endure hardship with little complaint, yet to not allow himself to seem he is invincible. This view is projected onto the collection through the quirks he throws into his tailoring.

Yanagawa takes pride in the tailoring nature of the collection, and his ability to throw in modern alterations, such as the vibrant colour palettes, fabrications and cuts of the garments. The line up delved through the colour spectrum with a bold colour palette of oranges, silvers, dark greens, bright yellows and reds. Colour was used to create stand out looks, for example, the yellow jumper paired with a jacket and trousers in matching tones. Colour was also used as a detail; a coloured side strip down a pair of leather trousers or a pair of gloves in an all-grey suit.

The collection as a whole was received well, with a very excited appearance from Arashi Yanagawa at the end. We are glad to see the brand back on our catwalks.






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