Michiko Koshino | AW17

by Lauren Noble


Fashion January 10, 2017

The Michiko Koshino heritage of the 90s club scene became evident at the brand’s London Fashion Week: Men’s Autumn/Winter 17 presentation. The room was filled with alternative models dressed in the brilliantly bizarre clothing, perched on stacks of speakers, illuminated by neon lights.

Although the party vibes are strong standing in the presentation, the collection drew influence from much deeper roots- the roots of the Koshino’s family name, to be exact. The family name evolved from the ‘ancient warrior beginnings in the deep bamboo forests of Japan’, a heritage which clearly holds a firm place in Koshino’s heart. However, despite these traditional becomings, Koshimo has still maintained her extremely contemporary vision when it comes to the designs. She creates an explosive fusion of the old and the new, a mashup of opposites. Traditional and natural fabrics such as cotton and wool meet manmade materials such as her signature inflatable PVC. Other materials used throughout the collection include nylon and jersey.

Koshino’s inflatable PVC has turned heads this Fashion Week, and how could it not, when she herself was dressed in one of her inflatable dresses? The PVC has become an iconic feature of Koshino’s collections, creating obscure silhouettes, and in this collection, silhouettes that resemble exaggerated animalistic features.

With a colour palette of black, white, orange and tobacco, Koshino has nailed weird and wonderful for yet another exciting season.





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