by Sarah Booth


Fashion January 11, 2017

While this season saw Bobby Abley’s first straight to store concept, the colourful, irreverent, nostalgic sartorial delight that we’ve come to know and love from Bobby was back and better than ever. The Power Rangers was the aw17 inspiration – with some great sporty pieces such as the black and red tracksuit with dinosaur print and the trailing straps nodding to Power Rangers martial arts belts. With these dinosaur prints set against a BA monogram, Bobby Abley provided his ever so welcome personal references, also seen on the “Whatever Forever” print sweatshirt (based on a tattoo on the designer’s hand) and by closing the show with a fabulously Brazilian two piece worn by Brazilian model of the moment Jhona Burjack.

This collection was Abley’s boyhood dreams, his indubitable zest for life and his nostalgic noisy sentimentality. It mixed the editorially covetable with the retail marketable – intertwining mens rainbow striped and canary yellow skirted two pieces with a/w appropriate monogrammed scarves. Bravo Bobby Abley – London wouldn’t be the same without you.

Bobby Abley by Amy Alice for Noctis Mag

Written by Sarah Booth
Photographs by Amy Alice

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