Edward Crutchley

by Victoriana Toolan


Fashion January 11, 2017

Orchestral action movie soundtrack matched with the dramatic backdrop of white paper mountains; Moulded and structured by Studio Lune inspired by the Hunter’s In The Snow by Dutch Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel.

Ancient Greece and late Renaissance paintings influenced Edward Crutchley for this year’s London Fashion Week: Mens in silhouette, clashing fabric and patterns. Menswear in trans-seasonal dressing, oversized embroidered bomber jackets, velvet wrap vests and silks on cashmere. Noctis favourite was the Greek Fustanella inspired outfit, the dark emerald velvet skater-like skirt worn with the light floral satin shirt, an alternative androgynous style we certainly appreciate.

Set at the ME Hotel in Covent Garden made way for the striking presentation and movie-like scenery.

The statement round lensed sunglasses were in collaboration with BLYSZAK eyewear with specialists in Precision engineering Grade A Steel and ethically-sourced Buffalo Horn frames. The smaller accessories of brass earring and necklaces are courtesy of luxury British-Made jewellers Hannah Martin.

The Shibori patterned shirt is the single piece of the collection sold as ‘see now buy now’ and is exclusively available at Browns.

Words: Victoriana Toolan

Photos: Alia Thomas

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