by Shauna Cook


Fashion February 22, 2017

This season saw Apu Jan step away from the spring colours of previous seasons, and into warm greens and experimental knitwear. Inspired by the art form that is literature, Jan developed an autumnal fantasy world. Creating a dreamlike experience whilst watching deconstructed silhouettes and freyed hems glide down the catwalk to the sounds of live music, captivating us with a story he never fails to tell.

Award winning DJ, DJ QuestionMark joined Jan for his fourth year, joining forces with Jordan Pharoah and Douglas Pisterman to create a soulful and dreamlike mood inside Apu Jan’s AW17 Fantasy World.

Jan’s AW17 collection, ‘From Here to There’ managed to possess a contemporary luxury, whilst still reflecting nothing less that the epitome of modern tailoring. Making slight nods to what could only remind me of Maison Margeila, with blunt cut hems, buttons, ties & cut outs.

However, you couldn’t just find such a presentation of youth and craftsmanship just within the cuts; in Apu Juan’s tale, titled ‘From Here to There’ , the collection payed homage to vintage style juxtaposing it with just the opposite. This season saw Jan combine jacquard fabrics with full waist corsets, as well as crocheted headwear and wool motifs. This is when the story Apu Jan was telling became clear. AW17 not only represented Jan’s progression as a brand, but our progression as an industry. Whether it was a narrative of how our cultures have combined, and our tastes have evolved, Apu Jan set the perfect scene to look back onto old times.



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