Judy Wu | AW17

by Jade Lenney


Fashion February 22, 2017

For a designer to create a collection that is both daring and loud but still slightly muted is a tricky thing to do, yet Judy Wu managed to do just that. Wu is a known activist for women’s rights and in this collection the feminine strength she is so well renowned for speaks for itself. This AW17, Wu braced the painting rooms at the RSA with her ready-to-wear designs. ‘’Prism’’ is a collection based around the idea of uncertainty surrounding recent global events. The different shaping and lines certainly reflects the way light alters when it travels through the transparent shape.

She executes this idea by her use of her trademark colour blocking in different panels and stripes and through folds and pleats in the fabric to symbolise disruption. Although this is not to say the collection was unattractive, in fact the quality and skill that Wu displayed really stood out amongst other factors. The collection experimented with textures, silhouettes and colour palettes including: black velvet, olive green silk and following oranges. The bright orange eye shadow complimented and brought out the colours in the collection. The boots that completed many of the looks had bright lines across them, this cleverly mirrored lines on the floor that ran across the room.

Metal cages framed the models and as they shifted around the room to take their next position they followed the tape on the floor, which to me resembled constriction and conformity. The concept asks you think about conflicting, current issues. A collection that has the ability to challenge you to reflect on the world in which we live is to be much admired. There’s more to it than just the clothing, it has other textures.



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