Irynvigre | AW17

by Jade Lenney


Fashion February 23, 2017

The Irynvigre show was inspired by a futuristic society, so advanced in fact that it covers both AW17 and AW18- a new concept from the designer Iryn Vi. Her focus as a designer is to speak to the people who appreciate the story behind the clothes. The mixed men and womenswear collection tell the story of artificial beings in a human society using the language of fabric and cut. The models moved like the machines they were meant to resemble, rigid and robotic. Machines that appear to be human yet they are still learning about themselves and what it means to express emotion.

The eye symbol on the back of the clothing hints the message that these beings are all but an imitation. However, the collection moves away from what you may usually associate with futurism. The colour palette mainly stays in the neutral family apart from occasional splashes of red and orange perhaps to signify the beings intense feelings they are still trying to understand. Vi has produced a collection with rough edges and visible seams in order to portray new beginnings. There were lots of knitted textures and warmth in the fabrics, which embodied the human warmth the machines were trying to mimic.

Irynvigre is a great example of sustainable fashion done right and the brand is dedicated to this ideology. This collection demonstrates that the brand is both thoughtful and intelligent. Irynvigre is a label that focuses on the longevity of a piece and produces quality timeless garments for the fashion conscious consumer.



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