Rumours “Invitation” | Premiere

by Leoni Blue


Music March 20, 2017

A cosmopolitan blend of Italy, Norway and the UK, Rumours mix heady electronics with classic songwriting for new single Invitation

Rumours live together in North East London; a sign of true devotion to the art they create, the trio – Mark, Fede and Marion – built a studio in their shared apartment to craft a soulful blend of electronic-pop with meticulous discipline. 24/7.
Mark and Fede are originally from Italy. They have been making music together since childhood until they moved to London at 18; it was here they studied music at university. It wasn’t until university that they met Norwegian born Marion, who joined forces with them in 2014. Rumours was born. Their cosmopolitan mix of nationality certainly doesn’t fail to leave a mark on their much loved sound.

Blending electronic production with emotive songwriting, a key ingredient of their sound is Mark and Marion’s intertwining male and female vocals. Vulnerable yet grounded in a unique sound. Hard to pigeonhole.
Accompanied with an exhilarating live show that incorporates momentous live electronics with distinctive visuals, Rumours are sure to cause waves. Not just in London, but on the festival circuit too. Hot on the heels of a sold out show at Archspace in London, Rumours will release new single Invitations. Luscious vocal textures give way to fiery half-time beats, underpinned by their signature melodies before bubbling synths swell up into a cascade of modulating textures and dynamic melodies.
To catch Rumours live in May, at Birthdays in Dalston, click here.

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