by Noctis Online


Fashion April 5, 2017

single phase distillates the rocking notes of the Los Angeles scene in the sleek lines of black and white minimalism. Energy sizzles below the polished design, getting through the clothes, underneath the skin. The brand intercepts a Hollywood vibe, proposing a cinematographic look book, enhanced by the enigmatic night creatures of the big screen.

Doused in monochrome allure, bleached hair and a forlorn gaze, there is an effortless cool that seeps through the casual cuts and early 90s styling.

SINGLE PHASE Noctis Mag Fashion Film

For its Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, single phase indulges in the feeling of submerse forces. Running beneath the pure lines of its signature minimalist aesthetic, allowing us a glance into the spaces where control is lost, and creativity has yet to take distinct forms.

Intense impact comes from the eruption of the deep hues found in burnt reds, surfacing on the pure black and striking white. Trespassing on the gender boundaries between menswear and womenswear, single phase make an offering that doesn’t pose any questions. It is what it is.

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