by Shauna Cook


Art & CultureFashion April 5, 2017

Taking 5 minutes with the queen of girl power illustrations to chat about what inspires Sophie Rose Brampton, and what gender means to her in 2017.

How did you get started and know drawings was your thing?

I’ve always loved creating art from a really young age and seemed to naturally have a talent for drawing people. Especially human faces, it was really easy for me to illustrate them onto paper and make them realistic. And my style has just grown over time from personal experiences and my love of fashion.

What are your reference points when starting a piece?

I’m constantly on social media searching for inspiration from fashion, art, beauty or editorials I’ve seen. I love looking into new trends and what could make a really cool illustration. I’m also really inspired by a lot of female artists work and love to create something that either reflects my mood or my views on sexuality.

Love that you draw strong, bold, confident women, who is your role model?

I don’t really have a role model as such, there’s a lot of people who I admire however who definitely inspire my work. In the fashion world I love how designers such as Ashish, Laurie Lee and Fyodor Golan (my faves from this London Fashion Week who I also drew for Noctis) use their platform to portray the message they want people to read through their work whether that be about gender, race or religion. I also LOVE Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke and am obsessed with the TV show Girls way too much.

Also colour is so important to you in your work, what’s your fav colour palettes and why?

I have a colour palette that I go to in every piece I create, so if I’m drawing something that should be a pale yellow, I will use bright yellow as I love using deeply saturated colour schemes and bright, vibrant shades. I also love using different shades of pink. I think there’s so much emphasis on ‘minimalism’ and monochrome colour palettes at the moment that I just think where’s all the colour gone from the world?! So I try to use as much colour as I can.

Your images are always on point when it comes to style. what person/style is your bag at the moment, who’s on your radar?

Definitely this girl I discovered a while ago on Instagram, her name is Daisy Keens (Instagram name pieandfash) I’m so obsessed with her style, she just goes out around London in hotpants and nipple pasties and doesn’t give a shit. Her wardrobe is to die for. I really ought to draw some of her images to be honest, they’re very much in with my style.

Top tip for someone starting out?

Draw whenever you can and try to develop your own style to separate you from other illustrators. Don’t invest in fancy products or an expensive graphics tablet, mine is the cheapest I could find and it does the job. Try to contact magazines or companies and do some drawings for them unpaid and let them come to you. And use Instagram to market yourself. Just create, create, create.

We are talking about Gender this issue, what does Gender in today’s world mean to you.

Being female influences my work immensely, I try to focus on how women are seen in the media or the impact society has on a women’s behaviour. I hate the negative attitude towards women and how we are expected to behave a certain way, but I do enjoy being a woman. I love how we are gradually becoming more open to gender fluidity and educating young boys and girls about gender. We are all human.

Who’s a strong woman in your life, and what have they done to inspire you, and your work?

My gran has always painted and is an artist in our home county of Devon. She has always encouraged me to paint and draw and is definitely the biggest inspiration to me work wise. She is always so excited to see my work. Although not sure what she would think if I showed her my illustrations of boobs.

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