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Music May 19, 2017

Wild and wonderfully original, Luna Green releases her new track Little One, which is an intriguingly romantic track with a dark shadowy undertone. Our pop expectations disappear because Little One is about silent power, or revenge; “It comes from feelings of having been underestimated and treated unfairly. It’s quite sad, but loving and about self-protection. It’s about comforting yourself in that place, as well as an acknowledgement of some of the darker thoughts I had when I felt taken advantage of”. 


This is the first new music from Swedish artist Luna Green in over two years. Since debuting in 2013 with a year long cycle that spawned three studio albums, Luna has been secretly working on another dimension of her music. Something closer to what she hears inside her head. Darker, harder, more exploring and at the same time more specific to herself.

“A love for sounds drew me to music very early on,” she continues, “different kinds of sound and voices. I’m even more interested in sounds than music. The composition and the meeting between different sounds is a subject close to my heart. I couldn’t reach the place I wanted without that realization and working with musicians never got the music to where I wanted. So I had no option but to produce what I hear in my head on my own, in my own way.”

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