by Victoriana Toolan


Fashion June 14, 2017

“Learning with DANCHAN”

Set in a classroom at King’s College London, DANCHAN took their Spring Summer 2018 collection to protest the preconceptions of masculinity.

DANCHAN started right back to the very beginning, school. Where we all learn social norms and how we act around each other and the result of emotional frigidity. For this collection, DANCHAN wanted to deconstruct this concept and work from the basics of masculinity. Refreshments of chocolate milk were on offer, transporting us all back to childhood.

The models were placed all around the classroom sitting and standing comfortably around each other. Vintage televisions were on standby with the DANCHAN logo twirling around on video. Projectors exclaimed the wording ‘Learning With DANCHAN” in the style of 80s Educational video programmes.

The collection was designed to undermine the expectations of how school uniform is used as social camouflage and a paradox of growth. Dark navy blue shirt with sailor-like white lined collar matched with relaxed shorts and a loosely tailored suit complemented the white shirt and silver tie knot. Burnt orange jacket with oversized Bishop sleeves and cobalt blue blouse with one shoulder folded scarf detail. These childish and feminine aspects of the collection explore the body language and vulnerabilities of the gender. The statement piece where the transparent bubble-wrap overtrousers which was worn alongside a simple navy buttoned shirt, long socks and navy shorts. A humorous touch by creating a new product by using a genuine school equipment.

“DANCHAN know that vulnerability is strength”

Words: Victoriana Toolan

Images: Huw Jenkins

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