Strawberries and Creem 2017

by Gabriella Tavani


Music June 27, 2017

Strawberries and Creem festival is a grime, urban and dance music festival that took place in Cambridge last weekend. The festival happens over one day and luckily for us, it happened to fall on one of the hottest weekends ever in the UK, right in the middle of a heatwave! Strawberries and Creem began three years ago with only 1000 people in attendance and it now has a crowd of over 10,000 people. The crowd this weekend felt like more than that but that could have been due to a heat induced mirage.

Arriving early to a festival is always a tricky one. Coming from London, Shauna and me decided to err on the side of caution and ended up arriving in Cambridge around an hour before the festival opened so we had loads of time to look around before everyone else got there. There were plenty of photo taking opportunities and things to do around the festival which kept us busy throughout the day.

Walking into the festival on one of the hottest days of the year, we probably slightly underestimated the strength of the sun as we headed to the VIP area and bagged ourselves a few deckchairs right under it. It was fun to watch the venue slowly fill up as we sat there drinking and people watching but we definitely underestimated the power of the sun as we sat sizzling our skin for a while before we noticed that we were turning a slight shade of pink.

The venue itself (Haggis farm) managed to contain everything without it feeling too crowded and there were clothes stands as well as food stalls and bars that were popped up everywhere. Multiple stages meant you were always hearing something going on and with the sun beating down on the little patch of land that made up the festival, it almost felt like you could be abroad.

Shade and seating areas were greatly appreciated as the sweltering British weather took over a lot of people’s ability to dance and instead reduced them to searching for the shade and the nearest bottle of water. When in the UK you never expect it to reach above 28 degrees, by the time the afternoon sun was hitting 32 degrees it was starting to feel a little much.
Nevertheless, the music kept people going and the crowd in front of the main stage never seemed to thin out. The lineup included huge names such as AJ Tracey and J Hus and the headliners were none other than Shaggy and Wiley which was awesome and everyone that had been spread out across the farm all came to the main stage to see the headliners.

Considering that the festival is run by a small team of people made up of Cambridge locals, students and graduates and that the first festival three years ago had more of a garden-party style, it was an impressive event that could rival many of the UK festivals in terms of quality acts and creating an entertaining event. Cambridge is maybe not the first place that springs to mind when talking about a grime festival but it managed to sit perfectly well in the Cambridge farm and we got speaking to people who had come from all over the UK to make it to the festival.

I can not thank Tessa from forever PR enough as being hosted by them meant we never had to wait for anything longer then five minutes whether that be the toilet or the drinks at the VIP bar. After walking round the main arena a few times and seeing the size of the queue for those bars I was so grateful to head back to the VIP area and hotfoot it to the bar so thank you Tessa for allowing us to remain hydrated enough to not need medical attention on the hottest weekend in the UK.

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