by Noctis Online


Music July 22, 2017

A captivating new duo has emerged in the form of Matty Carter + Ariel.  Two mysterious New York natives who, despite limited information on either, have begun to galvanise conversations across the Atlantic. It’s MC+A’s pure feeling, and unique sound that has propelled them to grow in reputation across America.

The compelling thing is perhaps the real sense that these are two artists coming together with purpose and fire. They’ve described their music as “for the underdog and the working class”, and their debut release ‘Voices’ conjures both incandescence and morality. Two nameless artists are fighting the good fight. It’s very much a story for our times.


Speaking of the track, Carter says “‘Voices’ is a song for anyone who dares to be weird or different. Some people hate what they can’t understand. This song is for everyone that tunes out that negative to create a positive”. The video mirrors the same sentiment and illustrates the notion of rebirth or an awakening. Carter adds, “This video is about the death of your old, negative self, and the birth of your new positive self”.

Despite their anonymity, and because of this fierce sense of justice and strength, Matty Carter + Ariel have created the kind of cult following usually reserved for the characters within songs themselves. The good fight, and the passion, have seen them cultivate a unique and exciting virality in the United States. Prepare for it to be unleashed over here.


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