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Music August 12, 2017
Yesterday saw Kesha release her new album ‘Rainbow’, which ‘Hymn’ being the fourth track to be unveiled; ‘Woman’ was released last month, alongside several essays about her creative process and personal growth.
“Probably the most powerful experience I’ve ever had as an artist is having fans come up to me and tell me that a song or album of mine has helped them through hard times”, Kesha begins. “Some of them have gone as far as to tell me that my music helped save their lives. This is hard for me to comprehend. But for as long as I live, no other honor will ever match that. Hearing those words from fans has changed me. I think that one of the reasons why my music connects with people who feel like they don’t fit in is because I have never fitted in either. This is why the song ‘Hymn’ is so special to me. The longer title was ‘Hymn for the Hymnless’; when I say hymnless, I’m talking about people who feel like they don’t fit in. People who feel like they don’t have a hymn’.

Religion, for Kesha, in this song doesn’t necessarily mean religion as your spiritual belief. But more so for children with no set way of life; “I’m still trying to figure out what I believe and what the truth is in my heart. And I know I’m not alone. My mind and opinions keep changing and expanding”.


Continuing to speak about ‘Hymn’, Kesha describes how she wrote this song with her mother [Pebe Sebert], Cara Salimando, Jonny Price and the galactic genius, Ricky Reed; Because of the subject matter of this song, I had to work with my mom on the lyrics. Like me, her head lives high above the clouds in outer space. I’m a fragile soul for this world. I feel like I live by something unexplainable and magical in outer space. The idea of people with similar philosophies being brought together is something I love, and that was one of the inspirations for this song.

I hope this is one of those songs that will connect with people who feel like outcasts. Especially young people today growing up with the omnipresent internet. It breaks my heart to hear about kids being bullied online at such a young and sensitive age. It can really mess up one’s self-confidence and self-worth. When I sing the words to this song, I do so as a reminder to myself as much as anyone that we can’t let the haters and the negativity win”.


“Rainbow” is available via iTunes and Spotify.

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