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Music September 1, 2017

Premiering here today, ethereal track “Green Creepers” is just one of the latest offerings from Bristol based band, JILK. Releasing their album, ‘Joy In The End’ with Project Mooncircle, the bands essence has been refined with this support; along with collaborative effects with Kayla Painter, Haiku Salut, James Sampson and Ed Apollo. The album is released worldwide on limited handmade postcards and via digital outlets today and can be purchased here.

Collectively, Jonathan Worsley, Cags Diep, Terry Owen and Neil Gay, who form JILK, have shared the ideation process every step of the way. The release is their most beautiful set of compositions yet, and manages to hold a melancholic undertone, whilst being uplifting.

Through an apocalyptic narrative, the album explores themes of hope found in desolation; “We’re so happy with this as a release because it’s so personal. We made it in our homes, recorded it, produced it, mixed it. Many hours of furrowed brows and tired ears. It has something from all us in there and is truly a document of what you can do with a lot of heart and not much money”, say Jilk about the forthcoming album.

This is their most collaborative effort as a collective to date. The influences and styles are eclectic, and each element fuses to create an overwhelmingly alluring piece of music. Delicate electronic textures frame neo-classical arrangements, while heart-wrenching vocals and guttural bass lines drive the album forward through 11 tracks of folktronic, drone based walls of sound.

‘Green Creepers’ is a track that begins with a twisted approach. As the vocals seep in there is a haunting quality that sets the pace for the rest of the track. You’d be forgiven for thinking that JILK created a stream of noise, because they do, but it’s refined. It’s their own. The band have moved audiences with their honest layering of sound.


Catch JILK at their album launch on September 15th. Taking place at The Cube, Bristol, with Mesadorm and Kayla Painter, you can find more information about the event via Facebook.
You can listen to the full album, ‘Joy In The End, here

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