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Music September 3, 2017

We were recently introduced to Brook Baili; a North London alternative pop / R&B singer and songwriter. She’s also a BRIT School alumni and last month she revealed her exciting single, ‘Louder’. The track was taken from her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Phases’, which is scheduled for release this month via Mainframe Music.

Produced by SAMPL, whose previous production credits include the likes of Skepta, ‘Louder’ is a moody and sultry bass driven offering. Backed by lush horn arrangements and ethereal synths, Brook Baili showcases her undeniable voice. A voice which is used with her powerful storytelling to paint a cautionary picture of addiction. The visuals for ‘Louder’ were created in collaboration with Olan Collardy to bring the record further to life. Inspired by 90s style Hype Williams videos, the ‘Louder’ visuals do well to tell its own story of the amazing chemistry between Brook Baili and her leading man. It’s almost a clear juxtaposition to the original theme of the record itself.

Speaking of the track, Brook Baili said, “the song ‘Louder’ was inspired by a remarkably sensual moment in time that I shared with someone. We experienced what I would call spiritual chemistry. And I felt the highest euphoria that lingered for days. I was literally walking on air. Space out on the biggest rush of endorphins. If that moment were my last second on earth, I would have lived and died a moment of pure bliss”. 

The idea of the track is to evoke that euphoric high. “It’s about having a strong desire to chase it over and over again no matter the consequence”, she continued. “We can all get so consumed by please and the release of endorphins. Sometimes we become addicts chasing the next high and the addiction gets louder and louder until all common sense falls out of the window. All we hear is our own desire for more”.


Describing her music, she said, “it highlights the good, bad and ugly parts of life. I believe we all hide the parts of ourselves that make us human. So I try to understand the best and worst parts of myself so that others can feel free to do the same. I live in the moment therefore naturally I screw up. But I learn and move on. That’s what my music is about. Embracing duality of the physical experience”.


You can stream and download ‘Louder’ here

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