by Jael Fowakes


Music September 11, 2017

Ahead of this weekends BPM music festival in Portugal we’re counting the days with some of the lineups main acts. After catching up with Scuba and Josh Wink we get to know the legendary Bill Patrick and how he got started in the industry…


What made you first get into records and mixing them in the first place?

In the late 90’s I was a punk/hardcore kid from Long Island going to shows in the city. I was young, confused and looking for an escape from the mundane ultra conservative suburban life of Long Island. The city was my escape. I met a punk girl at a show who also went to raves. She was the most interesting person I had ever met at that time and introduced me to a whole other world deep within the rave culture. Gradually I rescinded from the hardcore scene and dance music took over my life.

Where were the most influential spots for you growing up, and any memories that stick out for influencing your music?

Places like Caffeine in Long Island and Twilo, Limelight, Vinyl in New York all had major influences on me. As well as the illegal raves thrown in warehouses throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. My fondest and most influential memories of that time was the inclusion of every race, gender and sexual orientation on the dance floor. There was no discrimination and bullshit politics like you find running rampant in the scene today. It made you feel like you were part of a community and provided that escape many of us were looking for. As a DJ, playing for this type of crowd was the absolute best. Everyone was there for one common goal and that was to dance the whole fucking night away without any judgement, preconceived notions or lofty expectations. Sadly that has changed and our scene which was once an inclusive community is now divided into factions of uninformed self righteous attitudes and career driven political agendas led by kids who pander and reach for low hanging fruit.

You’re pretty well know for your private stock radio show, how did that come about? And how does this affect the your work music?

The music I listen to at home and on the road is a million miles away from the music I play in clubs. I felt like all the podcasts and shows at the time were strictly geared towards club music and I just wanted a platform to showcase some other styles. The goal was to give people a taste of different genres in the hopes they could discover a new band or artist outside of dance music. Oh and also a chance to talk some shit on air with friends and colleagues. 

We’ve seen a few interesting B2B’s and moments with tINI – how would you describe your relationship with her?

She’s my favorite person in the world to DJ with. There’s a level of security, freedom and confidence we have when we are together in the booth. The nerves and over thinking that sometimes clouds our judgement in the music is completely stripped away. After doing this for 19 years and traveling alone all that time, being able to share the ups and downs of life on the road with one of your best friends is unparalleled.

Summer is coming to a close, reflecting back, any special moments?

The highlight of the summer was undoubtedly the set tINI and I played at Concrete, Paris in July. We played all night, start to finish from 11pm till 10 in the morning, touching on all styles of music in one of the best clubs in the world. It really was one of those gigs that reminds you why you do this in the first place.

In your own words what does BPM represent and where can we find you at BPM?

BPM is a great gathering of friends in a what looks to be a new exciting location. One that I’m really looking forward to be a part of. You can find me at the TRUST party with Nick Curly on Saturday, Sept 16th.

The BPM Festival makes it’s European debut in Portugal this September 14-17, 2017, follow us on socials for all the action live from Portimão & Lagoa. Rather be there with us? Get your final release festival passes for €215(+fees), travel packages and/or accommodation only options available here.

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