by Jodie Shepherd


Music September 11, 2017

Driven by the guitar pop sound, British four piece Club Drive are cementing themselves as one of the most exciting bands of 2017. With their latest single ‘International’, they cruise in with funk undertones and swaggering vocals. We spoke to frontman Aaron Trowbridge about getting into a creative headspace and addressing the limitless bounds of love.

With ‘International’, the band have offered another slice of pop brilliance, following the singles ‘Spare Time’ and ‘Voyager’, which have also enjoyed strong support. Speaking of the track Aaron said, “‘International’ is by far one of our favourite tracks we’ve written to date. It includes all the elements that make Club Drive who we are. It brings out the slightly riffier side in us. The track is a reminder that no matter who you are or where in the world you might be, love is a language that everyone can understand. Life is way too short to be uptight, so don’t forget to enjoy it along the way”. 

There was a time when the band flitted between the typical wants of being a footballer, or an astronaut, when they were young. But music was there at the forefront from the beginning; “Though it pains us to say”, Aaron adds, “[our parents] had great taste in music!”. As a collective, they were introduced to each other through a mutual friend in the industry. “Our two previous bands had recently split up”, he continued, and when focusing on this new outlet, “the name Club Drive was the one name everyone agreed on”. It reflects what the band are about. The ‘lub’ element is to show a sense of unity and belonging. The ‘drive’ is to represent a strong work ethic and the belief in the importance of not giving up.

Describing themselves as “energetic pop/funk with balls”, Club Drive hold a sense of effortless cool. With “so many highlights”, the summer season was one of remarkable worth for the band. “We’ve learnt so much”, Aaron said when we spoke about the enjoyment of festivals. “I think for us, festivals are a great chance to really put ourselves out there into the unknown. With regular gigs and online support, there’s always some element of safety. People already know what we’re like, and even for us to a certain degree, we know what to expect from a crowd. But with festivals the audience is so diverse. We never know what we’re walking out to. Likewise they never usually know what to expect from us. But there’s something about that you just can’t help but feed on. I love it!”

Club Drive are about to hit the studio and start working on their debut album; “it means locking ourselves away for a while”, Aaron added, but that said, “we’re also looking to get back out on tour before the year is up so keep an eye out for us!”

When we spoke about how I was introduced to ‘International” as a track that addresses the limitless bounds of love, Aaron laughed. “I mean, that’s definitely the general idea behind it”, he said, “but probably far better worded than anything we’d say! Essentially, it’s a song that is supposed to show, as you say, that love has no boundaries. The video helps as a visual aid to show that love has no race, no sexuality and no age. It’s something we all need and we shouldn’t take it for granted”. The premise behind the song is one of the reasons they’re fond of it; “But in truth, the main reason is because of how it transposes live. It’s one of those tracks that mid set takes the atmosphere to the next level. People have given it such a great reception at live shows, we always look forward to it”. 

The track has a balance of energetic riffs and a heavier side, that we haven’t heard from Club Drive before. It has a groove that allows them to show the funkier side of their influences, while having the right amount of happy-go-lucky pop. For want of a better phrase. We spoke about getting into the right headspace to work on new material, and the reply was simple. It varies. “It’s dependent on where we are. But also which of us is there and what the general mood is in the camp at the time. Usually, when I write the lyrics, I prefer to take myself off somewhere quiet and really pick things apart until I’m completely happy with the final product. We certainly have a method, or a formula of how we construct a song start to finish. But at the same time, so many things can change that”.


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