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Music September 13, 2017

ASKER is Jonas Asker. He grew up in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, called Fisksätra. Hundreds of tiny experiments on the computer became, after many ifs, buts and unexpected twists, music. This Summer saw Nature Nature recordings release ‘Yesterday’, a new single from ASKER’s forthcoming debut EP.

“I’m so damn tired of this EP. Everything has gone wrong and so slowly. This have broken [sic]. Disappeared”, he began. “I went to New York. Tried to get some inspiration. What happened? Nothing. I went to Vienna and was supposed to finish a lot of things. What happened? I ate a schnitzel. Nothing turned out the way it was planned, and I guess that’s what I like the most about this album. Looking back at it now, it was one of the best times of my life so far”.

Although he never planned for it to be a DIY project, ASKER ended up doing most of the work himself. He produced, recorded and played most of the instruments. And later mixed it together with a couple of friends.

“Going back and forth I, in the end, decided to do most of the production myself”, he continued. “It felt like the right solution. I wanted to have the songs as close as possible to the original idea”. Thinking about the forthcoming collection of song, ASKER added, “You know, I saw a photo of a man in India who has built his own Ferrari out of cardboard boxes. He painted the boxes red and mounted them on a bike. I think this record is my cardboard Ferrari”. But, he’s not entirely sure. It’s also possible he dreamt it all.

‘Yesterday’ is, apart from the artist’s self doubts, a warm and rich recording. It’s soothing where you need it to be, and runs smoothly through the ears. A full EP from ASKER is out later this autumn.



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