by Shanna Bent


Fashion September 19, 2017

To celebrate the country’s 70th year of Independence, Fashion Scout collaborates with the India based International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) in assosociation with the London School of Trends (LST) in presenting- ‘Innovation X: A Portrait of India’ to showcase the talent found within India’s ever growing fashion industry. Traditional techniques and craftsmanship are celebrated throughout the show, exhibiting the beauty of an ancient and rich culture to a wider audience. Split into two halves, the presentation commences with an educational video of India’s history, followed by a beautiful traditional performance.

The catwalk opens with one of my favourite collections of the afternoon – MALMAL TADKA by Priyanka Khosla. The designer successfully establishes the perfect fusion of modern interpretation with a traditional vintage aesthetic. She uses Malmal, a delicate and lightweight fabric, historically only worn by royalty and often referred to as ‘woven wind’. This simple fabric is brought to life with playful printed caricatures on Kaftan shaped pieces and embroidered day dresses in earthy tones.

The craftsmanship found in MA by Avleen is definitely something to appreciate. Her collection enters the room with a dress embellished in a beautifully hand-woven peacock made from various traditional techniques. Her focus is on traditional Indian embroidery and practices along with forgotten Indian crafts to portray traditional artwork.

Another unique collection was that by Sakshi Bhalla who also used playful embellishments of irredesent multi-coloured tones, which have been popular throughout LFW this season. Her use of multi coloured oganza and sequined denim create a fairytale-like theme, mixed with 90s nostalgia. A standout piece were a pair of extreme flared trousers which could have easily been mistaken at first glance for a ball gown skirt.

All 8 designers including House of Masaba, KM by Kanika Manchanda, Jasminum, Hardika Gulati and Raegun presented well-selected pieces portraying the traditional craftsmanship of India. Being the largest country of textiles production, it was intriguing to see the skills and techniques derived from a tremendously rich and intriguing culture.


Location: Freemasons Hall, 60 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AZ

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