by Noctis Online


Music September 20, 2017

Miami born, Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Sabrina Claudio released her new visual and song ‘Belong To You’ via SC Entertainment at the beginning of Summer. And we still love it.

Through her sultry and seductive soul style, Sabrina Claudio slips in and out of musings on lust, moments of longing, and meditations on love. Beautifully refined, there is a fashion undertone to the visual. Contrast and style are defining factors, and the vocal seeps through into your mind.

The more you listen, the more you find yourself drifting away. It’s hypnotic. Sabrina Claudio has a presence that can’t be ignored. She’s captivating, and full of soul. ‘Belong To You’ is just another taste of the momentum she’s creating with her music.

“I like to tell stories,” she said. “Lyrically, I don’t write from personal experience. I listen to the production, and I feel out a concept through that. It’s just like acting. I have the freedom to play all of these different characters. I draw inspiration from experiences I’ve heard from friends and family as well as movies. That’s how a character and narrative will come into play. Naturally, I’m a very private person, so I try to find situations and feelings everybody can relate to”.


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