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Music September 21, 2017

Montreal-based alt-folk band The Franklin Electric recently released the video for the soulful and haunting single ‘Burning Flame’.

The video was filmed in Toronto and “was a spontaneous last minute addition to the record”, said Jon Matte. “It’s about the fire that feeds us and brings us to do all the things we do. Or ignore the things we don’t do, but wish we had. It’s a voice inside most of us that can easily be ignored but the burn is a constant reminder. This video was all about the casting! I walked in the day of the shoot and met George, who plays the main role in this music video. He is the most endearing, honest, pure, yet driven 17 year old kid I have ever met. From that moment I was sold on the director’s story and concept”.

Photo by Charline Martel | Left to Right: Adam Passalacqua, Ken Pressé, Jon Matte, Martin Desrosby


The band released their highly anticipated sophomore album titled ‘Blue Ceilings’ earlier this year via Indica Records and includes the singles “I Know The Feeling”, “Walk With You”, “Someone Just Like You” and “Burning Flame”. The album is beautifully refined and self-assured. It highlights Jon Matte’s songwriting and touches on poetic tendencies.

The quartet have amassed more than 5 million streams (Spotify, Deezer) and will perform in London at The Troubadour on 28th September 2017.

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