by Noctis Online


Music September 22, 2017

R E L is a 21 year old artist based out of Los Angeles. Her music radiates emotion. It embodies what she calls ​EVOCA-​POP™ and what has been labelled by music tastemakers and fans, as a fusion of dream pop and alternative ​R&B. ​

R E L colours new music release
photo credit: Caitlyn Krone

Directed by R E L and Alex Mitchell, and edited by Ethan Barnes Demarest, ‘Colors’ is a love song for America. “And it’s for a person too”, she adds, ​It’s important to ​​check in with ourselves. So we treat those we love, and so we treat everyone, with respect. When your actions don’t match your word​s,​ you hurt people”. 

The three minutes go by and I find myself wishing there was more. R E L has created an ambient space where you can lose yourself in her voice. The visual is reflective of a journey; albeit a solitary one. There’s a familiarity to the sound too which adds a layer of comfort to the track.

“Being honest with ourselves means we can be honest with others, working towards our goals effectively, truly and beautifully”, R E L continues, “We’re irrepressible dreamers. We can be everything we dream of and ​more”.



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