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Music September 22, 2017

Taking his cues from classic songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa and Miles Davis, Soulitaire pulls on your heartstrings with his sliding guitar technique. Martin Rotheneder is behind the project, and he releases a softness in the strumming. With the bass vibrating off his instrument, his sound breathes of a well balanced weight between the classic and the contemporary. This evokes a charm in the relationship between the vocals and harmony.

Today, Soulitaire is releasing ‘New Breed’; a single taken from his self produced album, ‘I Believe in Rainbows’ which is due for release early November. A soundtrack for sunsets and sundowns, the song is about hope.

Soulitaire had an early introduction to music and picked up his first classical guitar at age 6. As he got older, he changed the pace. He started playing the electric guitar with his first band and found his groove by covering grunge and blues songs from the 60s and 70s. Switching pace again, he was pulled towards jazz.

Speaking about ‘New Breed’, he reminded us that yes, the song is about hope. “It’s a look through all the anxiety and desperation right into a time when those deliberate and warm hearted people that are young adults today will become the next architects of our world. They will look back to learn. And look forward to build upon those experiences. And then there will, again, be hard times to struggle with. But, someone will be there to learn to make it better. Because that’s how life is. Waves. Quite beautiful actually, if you watch them from a distance”.


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