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Music September 25, 2017

In just a few days, Barns Courtney will unveil his highly anticipated debut album, ‘The Attractions of Youth’. Out on September 29th via Virgin EMI, it features previous singles ‘Fire’, and ‘Glitter & Gold’, as well as current release ‘Golden Dandelions’. A tale of love that turns dark, ‘The Attractions of Youth’ is an impressive statement from the Anglo-American troubadour. Featuring the already successful singles, he kicks on to deliver a plethora of blues-infused-folk-pop anthems.

From the Kings Of Leon-esque americana excitement of ‘Hands’ & ‘Hobo Rocket’, to the more stripped-back sounds of ‘Goodbye John Smith’ and ‘Little Boy’, this debut showcases his versatility and effortless ability to adapt. As well as soaring vocals appearing as a constant throughout, Barns Courtney has placed a firm marker in the sand with his maiden release.

In his pursuit of creating the perfect rock ‘n’ roll show, Barns broke his foot in three places while diving off stage in the US earlier in July. You can watch the incident & aftermath here.

Despite having only released a handful of singles, Barns Courtney has already experienced more highs and lows than most artists could wish to encounter in an entire lifetime. His is a story of family turmoil, bad record industry deals, homelessness, serendipitous meetings with movie moguls and sheer talent, and hard work winning out against the odds. Barns’ confessional, life-affirming blues and rock ‘n’ roll anthems-in-waiting draw on the breadth of these events, the positives and negatives of his experiences’ baring their scars for all to see.

Late last week, Barns Courtney unveiled yet another explosive new track, ‘Champion’. This track is a beautiful contrast from previous releases. Slowing down the tempo, but retaining his huge, epic stadium-filler sound. The new track dishes up more swagger and attitude than ever before, serving as the perfect lead into his tantilising debut album.


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