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Music October 1, 2017

Tusks has made more than a few waves with her atmospheric sound. With her debut album Dissolve released on October 13th, Tusks (aka Emily Underhill) builds on her towering musical vision. Created alongside longtime co-producer Brett Cox, her rich visual imagination with its cinematic enormity is the work of a young artist mastering the nuances of her craft. A journey which began in her early teens.

Lead single and title track Dissolve is a powerful after-midnight ballad. It’s another glimpse into the singularity of her artistry. It brings details from Emily’s memory onto record through a process which immerses the listener in a world of texture built into expansive soundscapes.

“I’m a very visual person”, she said, “I love being outdoors and surrounded by nature. I grew up by the sea and I’ve always tried to spend as much time outside and travel as much as possible. Perhaps subconsciously that influences how cinematic some of my music can be and why I love creating the artwork to go with it”.

Photo credit: Jodie Canwell

“I can have something going in in my life and listen to a song and totally relate that song to me” she continued. “It’s like that artist is sharing that experience with me and creating a soundtrack to my life. I take a lot of inspiration from more cinematic music in the creation and production of my music. And maybe that’s why that idea sits with me more. It creates a closer connection between the listener and the record.”

Debut album Dissolve is heady and ambitious. Not so much the sum of its influences, as an outward projection of its creator. From a young age, her appetite for music has created a sound that resists pigeon-holing. It’s the purest distillation of Emily as a person. And it strikes a uniquely human chord through its melodies, which are at once comfortingly familiar and refreshing.


‘Dissolve’ is available for pre-order from tusks.eu

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