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Music October 2, 2017

Previously known as Kalibo, Vancouver based multi-instrumentalist Joel Jasper has started a new project under the name, Apollo; He was inspired during his time at the Canadian electronic festival, Bass Coast. Beautifully crafted tracks tell the tale of Apollo coming to earth to spread peace, healing and positivity. The plot twist? When the album was in the works, his laptop was stolen from his apartment. Fortunately, support from the local community and a Kickstarter campaign came through and allowed him to finish 10-track album, ‘Skydive’. The album features two vocalists making their own musical debuts, Katy Gonsalves and Cale Shapera.

Apollo has always felt a very strong connection between colour and music; known as synesthesia, he uses this ability to blend sight and sound.

Very rarely does an album transcend the corporeal experience and rise into the metaphysical. But that’s exactly the feeling that Apollo manages to capture on his premiere album, ‘Skydive’. His sound is distinctively ethereal. From the melodic opening of the album’s self-titled track, to the upbeat ‘Our Voices’, and the cathartic ‘Dominion’, Apollo takes the listener on a true journey.

A born artist himself, Apollo has always been influenced by synesthesia; the connection between sound and colour. ‘Skydive’ evokes soft, watercolour tones in the shades of the sky and sunset. It is complex and emotive.


Based in Vancouver, Joel Jasper is not a newcomer to the music scene. His love began when he first picked up a guitar at the age of 13; this blossomed into a career when he discovered electronic music during university.

In his spare time, he learned graphic design so he could make his own artwork to complement the music. From production to curation, Jasper’s talent touches upon every element of what it means to be an artist in the modern electronic music scene. Apollo invites anyone who enjoys living outside of the box to join him on this journey and celebration of life through music.

The name and concept for this project stemmed from an interest in Greek mythology and natural wellness; and so Apollo was born, conjuring images of celestial beauty and bliss.



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