by Jodie Shepherd


Art & Culture October 5, 2017

Suzie Pindar. The Naked Artist. Born in Sheffield, 1978, she cites herself as a mixed media artist and photographer. I stumbled across her work at a pop-up art show in Soho and was drawn to the personal nature of her work.

Inspired by life, the work Pindar creates is a mix of photography, words and mixed media. She reflects on the world around her and the plethora of emotions that are evoked by every day life. Art that in her words, revels ‘the naked truth’. She embraces experiences whether they are good or bad, and documents them in an expressive way. Her work is honest, and next week she is exhibiting with Flux Presents, as her first solo show. “This is who I am”, she says, and the rest is an exploration of her life.

“My ideas start from how I feel”, she continued. “Which is another reason I call myself The Naked Artist. I just have the ideas I like. Some sit in sketch books for years at a time, lying dormant. And then I go to them when I feel ready. Or with my photography, it’s more of an instant process. But then I can go back and rework a photo years later through PhotoShop”.

Suzie Pindar likes using lettering in her art work, and spent 9 months recycling and cutting up words for a project earlier this year; “I have so many letters left over! I want to cover objects, and use the body as a form of artistic communication where all of the unspoken words are released”. The idea to use her own body started after her first serious breakdown in 2001. She would project poems she had written on to her body to help with recovery.

Her work is emotive and strong, through colourful layering she creates something unique and personal to her. “I feel a sense of accomplishment” she said when I asked her what she saw in her finished artworks. “I know when the work is complete. There is a feeling within me that tells me when it’s finished”.

But what can we say about the upcoming exhibition with FLUX. Well, “I can tell you it’s going to be AWESOME!” she added excitedly. “The atmosphere of the derelict house really suits the tone of my work”, she continued, speaking about the space. “We wanted to step outside of a gallery setting and create an experience. Not just an exhibition. We want people to really be immersed in the work and feel that the space is perfect”. In a hauntingly dark, yet beautiful way.

“I was chosen to exhibit at the last FLUX exhibition which was held at The Chelsea College of Arts. During this time I spoke with Lisa Gray, the founder of the FLUX Exhibition, about a solo show and my future artistic plans. Lisa is someone who is a massive supporter of my work, so we developed the idea of ‘This Is Who I Am’ further. It feels like all my dreams are coming alive. It feels magic! There have been challenges along the way, but nothing we cannot work through as a team and do together. It’s amazing, it feels absolutely wonderful!”  

Naturally, like many artists, she has a strong emotional attachment to her work. But so much so that she hadn’t sold any of her work up until now. “It’s because of my connection with my art”, she said when we spoke about the attachment. “It’s like selling my diary to the world. But, I know to be an artist I need to let go. I need to share my work because people really enjoy it”. And though she’s overcome one hurdle, she can’t see beyond this show at the moment. “It’s a really big one!” she finished. The artist’s work is in the public eye now, and the next chapter has only just begun…

‘This Is Who I Am’ by Suzie Pindar is open to the public on 12th-15th October at Safehouse 1.
For more information click here, or visit the FLUX Exhibition website 

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