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Music October 7, 2017

Swedish songstress MY has released ‘Skeletons’, the third single from her forthcoming EP, ‘Kids From The Woods’. With its poignant stop-frame lyric video, ‘Skeletons’ follows the release of stellar sings ‘W.I.L.D’ and ‘Hate On Myself’. She has a relentless energy, and is proving herself as one we can’t ignore.


She has a DIY attitude and a plethora of music lined up. MY’s heavy duty pop songs fizz with rock’n’roll energy and bare bones emotion. She focuses on honesty and dark lyrics, guitars and nature. Wrapped up in pop brilliance, this is MY.

Speaking about ‘Skeletons’, MY explained that the song came from a darker place; “It’s a song about having trouble moving on from previous mistakes and collecting skeletons in the heart. Rather than in the closet. And it’s about how they can come back to haunt you later on in life. I think we all carry them. We need to be able to accept forgiveness and forgive ourselves to be able to move on”.

It’s an undeniably catch pop tune, with a depressive undertone that comes through in the lyrics and songwriting. “Just typically me…”, MY said.


Skeletons by MY is available to buy now on iTunes and to stream across all platforms


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