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Music October 13, 2017

From the forthcoming debut solo album, ‘My Name is Bear’, singer/songwriter Nahko has released the official music video for ‘Dragonfly’. The video features his close friend, Paris Jackson, and in antipication of the release they created an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video; which you can watch here.

The focus is on the friendship and spiritual bond between Nahko and Paris. Speaking about the concept, Nahko said, “I specifically wanted to capture this young woman’s natural beauty. I wanted to focus on what I thought would be a very perfect song to explain a transformational time that fit both her and I”. Shot in reverse, Nahko initially wanted to appear in the video himself, but decided to ask Jackson to take the lead role; “She immediately jumped on board”, he added.

Paris Jackson continued to say that they were both going through very similar things. “Each in our own way”, she said. “But they both kind of fit the same templated and there’s just a flow. It’s really rare to find that mutual frequency with another human being. When it does happen it’s pretty spectacular”. 

‘My Name is Bear’ sets the stage for a whole lot more fro Nahko. The album is set for release on October 20th, and is a 16-track collection that reflects the authenticity and spirit that his fans have come to know. ‘My Name is Bear’ predates Nahko’s rise to mythos among diehard fans of Medicine For The People. For Nahko, the album serves as a ‘prequel’. It artfully merges rustic acoustic guitars, upbeat energy, tribal flavors fiery percussion, and ponderous lyrics.


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