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Music October 15, 2017

Henry Jamison upholds his family’s bardic tradition on his evocative debut album, ‘The Wilds’, which is out on October 27th via Akira Records.

Painting a vivid love scene with his single ‘Sunlit Juice’, Henry Jamison has a family with a rich literary history. Ancestors range from John Gower, poet and friend of Chaucer and Richard II, to Civil War-era songwriters. Combining this with a distinctly modern, millennial brand of Romanticism and philosophy, his new song illustrates the back and forth of two lovers. And their relationship with alcohol.

Henry Jamison The Wilds new music

Henry Jamison The Wilds new music

Jamison is a solitary artist who writes, records, and arranges everything himself; including all of the album’s string arrangements. ‘The Wilds’ is a pure reflection of the world through his eyes. It is an impressionistic record fuelled by rich anecdotes and imagery. Jamison is central as both an omniscient storyteller and as a character himself.

Through his work he embraces the wilderness of love and romance. Each track then holds a visual and visceral feeling. “Sunlit Juice” has been compared to Hermes and Aphrodite; swirling through a sun-drenched summer of oysters, grapefruit juice and truck beds.

Henry Jamison The Wilds new music

His songs have been cited as being written like the Great American Novel. Billboard said he crafts his lyrics with “metaphor, juxtaposition, and a certain poeticism”. Something which is resonant of vagabond folk heroes.

A soft collection of acoustic songs focus on identity and social status. The music is a comment on how to interact with the world.


photography by Oliver Parini

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