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Music October 20, 2017

Berkshire born, indie artist, Lorne has just dropped a remix version of his first single ‘Bread Alone’. The remix is by Bristol based collective BOA and marks the arrival of a talent fuelled by aspiration. The track is from Lorne’s debut EP ‘Maze’; the original vocals and piano melody were recorded at The Pool Recording Studio by Daniel Moyler.

Classically trained on the piano from the age of seven, Lorne was then introduced to Peter Gabriel in his teens. Take with his sound, he notes the musician as a great influence for his music. He finds himself drawn to established songwriters like Bon Iver, Damien Rice and Radiohead too. His attraction to melodic pop, rock, and ambient sounds is evident in his ideas.


photo credit: Dan Pask

The original track for ‘Bread Alone’ is an atmospheric and emotive track. Thus it’s weighted with the pause of empty spaces and melancholic undertones. The BOA remix accentuates the softness of the song by adding electronic-pop layers that complement Lorne’s beautiful melodic structures of vocal transitions and tropical dance euphoria.

Speaking of the remix, Lorne applauds BOA member, Joe, as one of the most creative musicians he’s met. He said “After sharing my EP with the band, their drummer James suggested doing a remix of my debut single ‘Bread Alone’. I sent the stems to Joe, their keyboard player, who produced the remix in a couple of weeks. It’s a clever arrangement and it’s exciting how BOA have managed to turn a reflective ballad into a catchy, upbeat electronic track. I run my project on my own, so it’s fun to collaborate with a band like BOA and access a new audience and genre with my music.”


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