by Megan Wallace


Music October 22, 2017

After acclaimed collaborations with the likes of Snakehips, Bearcubs and Bodhi, MALIKA returns with her long-awaited EP, ‘Songs About C’. The EP picks up where singles ‘Put It On Me’, ‘Run’ and ‘I Live’ left off. The six-tracks are fueled by the raw emotion which MALIKA pours into her song-writing and performance. 

The confessional nature of the collection chronicles the singer’s love and heartbreak through the ups and downs of a relationship. It creates an incredible sense of intimacy between the listener and the recording artist. Forward-thinking, but informed by 90s R&B aesthetics, ‘Songs About C’ serves up a relatable fusion of sound and style. 

MALIKA is in demand as a collaborator because of the unique qualities of her voice. Particularly its ability for expressing emotion and bringing a more human element to electronic music. What really distinguishes MALIKA from the wealth of emerging female R&B acts is her capacity for nuanced lyrics, particularly in the realm of human emotion. She sensitively explores the darker side of romance on ‘Love’, where she tackles the insecurities and trust issues which plague the beginnings of a relationship.

After only breaking onto the scene last year, MALIKA’s upward ascent has been rapid and shows no signs of stopping. We’re excited to see what the rising star does next.


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