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Music November 4, 2017

Nashville based four-piece, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have spent the past few months self producing their new studio album. They’ve also been touring the world with some of rock’s most legendary names; Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Deep Purple, The Who, you know, the usual.

Today, the eponymous album is released via Snakefarm Records, with new single ‘Heartland’ leading the way. The single holds a familiar rock sensibility but doesn’t create a bridge between genres. There’s a relatability that comes through with the simplicity of the message; “if it happens to one, then it happens to all”. 

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown new music album release

The track introduces Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown with a one-two punch of gritty guitars and soulful vocals. Right before slipping into a hypnotic bridge that is punctuated by airy clean guitars; “There’s a slow beat in the heartland, going down in the quicksand, stack ’em up and watch the cards fall, it it happens to one, then it happens to all”, croons Tyler Bryant.

“That’s my way of saying everybody needs to stop taking sides,” sighs Texan-born Tyler. “It’s a mess out there. When one person falls, the rest of us do, too. I’m commenting on what’s going on in the world.”


You can purchase the album here.


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