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Music November 6, 2017
Fivepiece indiefolk collective Villa Rivercat shared their first single, ‘More’, last month which was taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Days and Weeks and Hours’. Since then, they’ve released second single ‘Morning Comes’.
Villa Rivercat was formed in the deep forests of Dalarna, Sweden, during the beginning of 2015 by five friends; Hanna Fideli Fritzell, William Lindberg, Ida Säfström, Jonathan Vester and Karl Geisler. Drawing influence from icons such as Joni Mitchell, they also cite Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes amongst their influences. With two soulful tracks already on the radar, they are pushing forward to release their debut album this December.

Their first single, ‘More’, is a folk-rock journey through an alpine mountainous region with sunshine cascading through the leaves of fervent trees. Diverse instrumentation is apparent throughout the track, blending together to create a unique and sincere experience. Speaking about the track, they said, “‘More’ is about a young woman who Hanna met at a bar in Malmö. She claimed she had escaped from a psychiatric department. She had been hospitalised and weighed 34 kilos, and said that her face had aged at least 10 years in the year she had been ill. Apparently, she was on her way home”.

The track is about to lie and to play games, to test how far you can go before anyone finds out. “It’s really a very tragic and unhappy song lyrically”, they continued. “But it has a joyful sing-a-long chorus at the end. The message is that there is a friend in the night if one dares to let go of himself and tell someone about his or her demons”.

Villa Rivercat have honed in on timeless songwriting that awakens the truth inside every one of us. ‘Morning Comes’ is about not being able to let go of behaviours and thoughts; “It’s about how brooding can consume you. Lying awake, thoughts spinning, finally realising that the sun is going up and you’ve been awake all night. Or just that melancholic feeling of waking up before dawn, looking out over the landscape as the sun is rising…”

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