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Music November 12, 2017


XamVolo is the future. Or so MistaJam would have us believe. But they’re not the only ones praising rising neo-soul jazz musician, XamVolo. Bringing UK R&B, old school soul and jazz, into the 21st century, the hotly tipped Liverpool based singer has already garnered notable attention.


At the age of 23, XamVolo is wise beyond his years. A true artist, he oversees every element of his music and has taken a conceptual approach to his debut album, live shows and artwork. His latest offering is single, ‘Feels Good’; which boasts a surrealist music video. Directed by Miles & AJ, the video was shot in Studio 60 in Los Angeles. It depicts a surreal journey inspired by the opening sequence of American Gods and Alice in Wonderland.


XamVolo spoke about the video saying, “When I saw what Miles and AJ wanted to do with the idea, I knew they got it.  Always wanted to shoot a video in LA, too. So everything lined up perfectly. We tried to get a sort of psychedelic vibe going. An aura of intoxication. Cause to me that’s what that deep, liquid desire you get sometimes feels like. One moment you’re at peace and the next you’re on a drunken descent towards your ambitions.  The chase is always the best part, though; every dream seems golden ’til you’re close enough”.

Also speaking about the video the US director duo said, “A lot of what we do is inspired by the artist and music. Immediately after hearing Feels Good we knew we wanted to work with Xam- the song has so much depth and charm- the concept came to us in an instant. We knew it was going to be a challenge to shoot it, and after a bit of trial and error, the free fall immediately came to life.”

The ex-architecture student is creating a unique contemporary hybrid with slick beats and soulful vocals. Tastemakers aren’t wrong. He’s definitely one to watch.




‘Feels Good’ is available to download and stream now


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