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Music November 13, 2017

With an upbeat guitar riff and expressively poignant lyrics, Geraint Rhys is setting up for the release of new single, ‘Give It Up’. And today, we’re giving you an exclusive first watch of the cinematic video for the track; it illustrates the poignancy throughout the music, and was made in collaboration with Mexican director, Monica Gonzalez-Carter.

Seeking inspiration from the political events of Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump, the track is about who possesses ‘the power’. The video itself has a dark, yet playful, aesthetic.


Speaking about the track, Geraint Rhys said, “For me, I felt a great distance with anything and everything I was seeing unfold in front of me. I had to write something about it. The track is therefore about power and wondering who really has it”.

The contrast between the beautifully structured guitar riffs, and probing lyrics, plays with the idea of innocence. A story where there is a very thin line between beauty and barbarity has been created through the video; the video was not only filmed with a Mexican director, but it was filmed in Mexico too. This lends itself to having a clear political stance on Donald Trump’s poisonous narrative, ‘We need to build bridges not walls.’

Through his lyrics, Geraint Rhys tries to merge social observation, personal experience and cultural stories. Both to highlight the banality and beauty of life.


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