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Music November 16, 2017

After just two releases, ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’ and the debut EP ‘Like Never Before’, Artificial Pleasure are emerging as a hot tip for the future. Although that consensus is quickly forming, critics are finding it impossible to pigeonhole them. They fuse a strident cocktail of cerebral electro-pop and angular art school rock. So far, comparisons have been made with artists as diverse as Talking Heads, David Bowie, Roxy Music and Jane’s Addiction.

Their latest track, ‘Wound Up Tight’, continues with their predictably unpredictable approach. While the aforementioned influences are lurking in the mix, the track has also been inspired by the oppresive gothic march of Killing Joke’s ‘Bloodsport’ and Barry de Vorzon’s foreboding funk theme to Walter Hill’s cult gang movie, ‘The Warriors’.

photo credit: Max Oppenheim

Speaking about the track, the band explain that the song is about feeling on edge; “As if this state of anxiety and constant worry has now become normality. It could be overthinking every phrase, worrying about what people say, comparing yourself to everyone else, or trying to second guess people”.

Artificial Pleasure’s continued dedication to the DIY ethos meant that they produced and mixed the track themselves; with recording sessions taking place at home and in frontman Phil McDonnell’s uncle’s basement.

‘Wound Up Tight is also the title track to Artificial Pleasure’s new EP which follows on December 8th. Its other two tracks find the band continuing to explore the synthesis between riffs and electronics with cuts reminiscent of undiscovered ‘70s sci-fi classics. ‘Better Than Nothing’ progresses, evolves and surprises throughout its sprawling six-minute running time. While ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ sets heavily vocodered vocals to a soundscape of ethereal, otherworldly instrumentation.



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