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Music November 19, 2017

Cherie Jone, who performs under the moniker JONES, released her debut album, ‘New Skin’, last year and has since been hailed as a “rising beauty icon in the making” by Vogue. She has the ability to create electronic pop out of nothing more than pure instinct. She is effortless and continues to showcase her extraordinary voice with latest single, ‘Something ‘Bout Our Love’.

East London born and raised, JONES possesses a truly unique quality. Beautifully captivating, she’s the type of artist that makes you forget about everything else in the room. Raised on soul and R&B, she quickly made her entrance to the scene in early 2015 with her debut track, ‘Deep’. Drawing comparisons with the new breed of artists, she merges electronic stylings and soul influences like The XX and Lykke Li.


‘Something ‘Bout Our Love’ was co-written by JONES and Isabella Summers, who has worked with Florence and The Machine. The track sees JONES find a home inside a rumbling soundscape fashioned by electro-house producer, Tieks. This is her most club-ready track to date, and Tieks’ production kicks her ethereal electronics into high gear. Marking a notable shift in musical craft.

There’s no doubt that this artist is a force to be reckoned with. In a world where the persona of a musician is micromanaged to the tightest degree, JONES feels refreshing and real. She is immediately relatable.


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