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Music November 20, 2017

London-based multi-instrumentalists RINNGS just released the Le Malls remix of their track, ‘Oceans’. And today, we have an exclusive first look at the video.

Parisian electronic producer and DJ, Le Malls, has now taken the band’s original single, and weaved the track into his own web with an empowering, yet thought-provoking remix. Starting at an early age, Le Malls has since taken the underground electronic scene by storm. The remix is a complete transformation. But, the young artist keeps the base of the song intact, only changing the vibe by coating it in soft chime-like synth sounds.

The sound of RINNGS is made up entirely of vocals and drums. A unique formula of lush layered choirs, manipulated vocals and intricate rhythms. Over which the melody and lyrics take us on a journey through the highs and lows of life.

Speaking of the track, Le Malls said, “The song is such a wonderful combination of great feelings and awesome vibes. This is what I want to try and express in all of my tracks, so it was an absolute pleasure to remix ‘Oceans’. It was great to share my vision of it in my own electronic style. 

One of the most important things in music is sharing; “so it’s great to share multiple visions of the same song with the world”, he continued. “When I first heard the track, I thought it would be a challenge to remix as it’s different to my regular style”. A challenge surpassed though, and the video is equally as mesmerising. It has a haunting undertone, and starts in a cold tone. It’s slow paced, but dreamlike. We see emotions take hold and the soft transitions, become harder and bolder. The hazy effects turn into a darker aesthetic and we are left contemplating the true meaning. One which we are certain is open for interpretation.



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