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Music November 25, 2017

From West London, singer-songwriter Rukhsana Merrise creates music regardless of genre limitations or commercial pressures. When she’s in the studio, she’s not thinking about writing a song for her record. She’s thinking about writing a song. End of story; “Just leave yourself in the music”, she said. “Do what’s real to you and you’ll get there. The music will do what it needs to do”.

Her latest single, ‘Talk About It’ explores the notion of our general inability to have real discussions. It’s about our lack of honest empathy and a genuine connection with people; This is one of the first songs I wrote when working on my album. It’s about what happens when there’s a serious breakdown in communication in a relationship. Musically it showcases some of my influences and has some unexpected moments that make it special”.

The emotive visual incorporates breathtaking visual effects with an understated, delicate performance from Rukhsana, interspersed with intimate scenes between two forlorn lovers, encapsulating the track’s deeply personal lyrics. 

Speaking about the video to the track she said she’s been excited to release the visual; I’ve worked with creatives who have translated the aesthetic of the song visually in a very interesting way. This is the proudest moment I’ve had with a visual to date”.

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