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Music November 26, 2017

Today, alt-indie pop band, Kylypso released their debut EP, ‘Soon Fun’.

With their name inspired by a boat, KYLYPSO, are an East London three-piece whose technicolour psych pop pierces through the dour gloom of autumn with its quirky and vibrant style. It’s the sound of an everlasting summer of hope and heartbreak. It’s airy and birthed from their hearts, minds and hard drives in various studios around London. Deceptively simple, it’s easy to listen to, but hard to make. KYLYPSO’s sound is vital and rooted in the deep exploration and cosmic wonder of music.

The EP, ‘Soon Fun’, is a celebration of the fact that we can usually find good in a bad situation. It’s a work that expresses lyrical vulnerability and doubt, in relationships and in ourselves. But also, through the sheer joy of the music and melodies, it carries the life-affirming sentiment that the good times are just around the corner. Its slick production, unpretentious execution, and relatable human outpourings make it the kind of EP that speaks to a part of everyone’s experience; the tragedy and the fun of finding ourselves.

‘Cosmic Dolphins’ is one of our favourite tracks from the EP. It’s the type of happy accident the universe occasionally throws down to shake our shit up. Originally, the track stemmed from a meshing of drum samples with a field recording of a street in Japan. By the time it got to loading up the project a computer glitch churned their recording back upended, slowed down and morphed into something special. Thematically it’s classic KYLYPSO, submerging tragic, lovelorn imagery in upbeat melodies and funk guitars.


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