by Jodie Shepherd


Music November 30, 2017

“It began at my grandmothers house at an old piano”, Luxia said when we spoke about how her musical journey began. She would play whenever she needed to escape. And like many, has battled personal demons.

Following her critically acclaimed entrance into the pop world with ‘Me, My Selfie and I’, she was described to me as being quite tongue-in-cheek. “My music is playful with depth!” she said, “definitely tongue-in-cheek with a deeper undertone’. Her latest single ‘Loserville’, whose video premieres here today, has a different, perhaps more direct type of dark twist. Especially when compared to the darkness of ‘Me, My Selfie and I’. Nonetheless, it is equally as playful.


The video is another playful addition to an expanding catalogue of pop-noir offerings. It’s undeniably contagious. And speaking of the track she said it’s about that poisonous ‘thing’ in your life. “It could be a relationship or a thing in your head”, she added. “But you’re telling it, him or her, to fuck off to Loserville. I’ve had many inner demons trying to make me feel like shit, and that’s what I was thinking about when recording the song. Loserville is a bitch, but ends up healing your ass”.

Luxia has been struggling with a disorder by which she has stong negative thoughts pulling her down. ‘Loserville’ acts as a healing process and “telling it to fuck the hell off!”. The concept behind the video has an equally dark intention. “It felt necessary to have a dark aesthetic to the video to strengthen the feeling of being fed up”, she said. “We actually shot it in Spain where a lot of Spaghetti Westerns were filmed. We wanted to evoke a remote broken down wasteland world, worthy of the name Loserville. I suppose Loserville is a symbolic place that exists on both external and internal planes simultaneously. Mentally and physically”. 


“I was very emotional and definitely felt that I got some shit out”, Luxia said when I asked if she felt like she had overcome her demons. “I channeled a lot of bad energy through Loserville. When making the video and filming the part with the chains, I cried. For real”.

That authentic sense of reality is something that Luxia hopes people feel with the music and the video. She wants the listener to connect. “I felt purified afterwards”, she added. “Besides, being a badass dance track, I hope to give people a song to channel their shit. Whatever that might be!”

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