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Music December 1, 2017

Last month Belfast duo, New Portals, released their latest single ‘Chasing Shade’ and it’s fast becoming a track on our weekend playlist. They’ve also been celebrating the release of their new EP ‘Golden Hour’, which is worth your attention too.

‘Chasing Shade’ is a moving ballad. Reverberating pianos and a solemn drum roll lays the foundations for their beautiful harmonies. It was a song written about that one person we all know who is happy with their lives no matter what happens. “It’s about how envious we are of those people. We wish we could just get away from the compulsions that drive us”, they said. The EP is another honest and delicate release. “We’ve tackled issues that aren’t necessarily in vogue”, they continued. “Discontent, sobriety, dissatisfaction”

“The production turned out differently from what we envisioned though”, they said. “We booked studio time to make a simple acoustic record but couldn’t get away from adding in synths and electric guitar. So we just went with it. The EP ended up as a blend between folk and electronica”.

Speaking about the video, New Portals’ Mike Aicken said it was shot opportunistically over the summer. “In our practice space, the side streets surrounding our house in east Belfast”, he said. “And even in some of the Game of Thrones backdrops in the ‘leadmines’ of Newtownards. It features a burnt-out car, something that was a familiar sight from my childhood. The video also features our daughter, Freiah-Beth, dancing in the rain and under broken gutters on a typical Northern-Irish filming day”



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