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Music December 14, 2017

London-based sisters Bloom Twins have unveiled the video for their brand new single ‘Talk To Me’; a track with driving electronics and haunting melodies that showcase their own signature blend of dark pop. The video, shot by Serge Vane, who has also worked closely with the David Lynch Foundation, is a careful and emotive creation.

It was shot in in Japan, which tragically has the highest rate of suicide in the world. It’s a nod to the lack of non-judgemental and open discussion that surrounds mental illness and opening up a dialogue on the topic. Working with mental health charities SANE, Samaritans and Crisis Text Line, the video marks the start of their self-made social media campaign. Bloom Twins are seeking to encourage those that have struggled, and still suffer, with mental illness to use the hashtag #TalkToMe in solidarity. They want to encourage people, like you and I, to speak and start sharing what they are feeling and going through.



For the last four years, classically-trained 21-year-old sisters, Sofia and Anna, have released a string of self-penned songs. Following the release of a politically-charged cover version of the classic Bob Marley track ‘Get Up, Stand Up’, the girls were featured on BBC’s Newsnight and graced the pages of the UK’s national broadsheet newspapers.

Speaking out on the issue at hand, they said, “Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK. Less than 30% of mental health research is focused on young people. despite 75% of mental illness starting before the age of 18. Music holds a special place for many. Listening to our favourite songs provides an escape and allows us to make sense of feelings that often aren’t articulated in daily conversations. Music has a power to change the conversation on mental health”.


 Bloom Twins are also available on Spotify

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