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Music December 16, 2017

What began as a casual Instagram post, later became a catalyst; Cailee Rae quickly found herself propelled into a new world; one where it was impossible to ignore her. “Well actually it was so random”, Cailee began. “I was in the studio recording and heard that Instagram now had video. So my friend and I made a quick video of me singing. People loved it”. It seems so simple, but ever since pressing publish on that post, things changed. Over half a million followers later, 17 year old Cailee Rae found a way to use social media as her own creative platform.

Her goal is simple; “I just want to spread love and messages through my music. Music is something that brings people together and helps them. It’s the only language that everyone understands”.


“It’s music you can relate and connect to. No matter who are”, Cailee said when I asked her to describe her music to someone who wasn’t familiar with it. It’s hard to define, but that’s part of the charm.

2016 was a breakout year for Cailee as she released her incredible single, ‘Anchor’, and her debut EP, ‘Overthinking’ mid June. Since introducing her voice to the world, she has been working on defining who she is as an artist. She has been fine tuning her sound and embracing the qualities that make her voice unique. But, how has it been shifting the Instagram famous title? When I asked if it had been hard, she said it had and it hadn’t; “I love and will always love music. And I always knew that Instagram was such a huge tool for it. People always wanted me to do more on my socials, and make videos that didn’t involve my music, but I never did. Probably because my social media was never that type of platform for me. It was always meant for connecting with fans. It was always meant for sharing my music, and sharing a little bit of my life with people. I’m so grateful for what it has done for me. It blows my mind how many people you can reach”. 

Cailee Rae draws inspiration from the world around her; from the things she sees, to the things she hears. One of her favourite places to draw inspiration from is the airport. Why? Well, don’t we all indulge in people-watching from time to time? “I’ve always been a sucker for love and stories”, she said. “When I watched the movie ‘Love Actually’ as a kid it inspired me to look at the people around me and imagine the love and pain they feel. It always gives me inspiration when I can’t think of something to write about”.


With the music video to ‘Anchor’, there’s a plethora of aesthetics that blend into one people. The video is about overcoming something, or someone. “I made sure each concept reflected that”, Cailee said, speaking about the idea behind it. “The water was drowning in your thoughts. The chains represented being held back. And the colour represented every emotion overwhelming you. That’s why in the very end, the colour slowly disappears. I wanted to express having a clean mind and feeling ‘clean'”. 

The deeper meaning, however, is different for everyone; “But for me”, she added, “it meant overcoming myself. I really struggle with self doubt and holding myself back”. The key is to find balance. To get into the right headspace to write and record, she surrounds herself with people that are positive and happy; “It has to be a comfortable place. When I record though, I love to turn off the lights and feel like I’m alone in the booth”. 


We spoke about why she feels music is the only thing that truly brings people together. She said, “Music is music. No matter what language you speak. Or even where you are from. It can connect to you no matter what. Some people connect to a guitar beat, and others connect to the lyrics. Music can move people in so many ways”. 

Cailee Rae is on the verge of releasing another exciting project, and naturally she can’t wait for the next step. “Being a young girl, constantly changing and growing up, I have been through and felt more than I ever have before. I have put all of that energy and emotion into my music. Always stay true to who you are. Never let other people change your ideas or how you feel. One thing I’ve always remembered is that you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world… but not everyone loves peaches”.


‘Overthinking’ is available on iTunes now

photo credit | Julianna Marie


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