Michiko Koshino | AW18

by Shanna Bent


Fashion January 7, 2018

Michiko Koshino doesn’t hold back with in keeping in this season’s industrialisation trend. Helpers in bright orange safety uniforms direct guests from the streets to the presentation using hand held glow lights. After winding through the back roads of Clerkenwell, we are guided into a white, bare walled studio space with 10 models poised in separate metal grocery crates. These are binded together in cling film, black bin bags and scattered with giant rolls of bubble wrap for an intriguing backdrop.

The models are accessorised with further remnants of a utility cupboard. Rolls of duct, brown and masking tape serve as layered ‘bangles’, cardboard boxes as hand held accessories and cling film off-cuts used to décor waist belts, shoes and under snap-back caps. Stuffed parcel envelopes are tucked into the waists of oversized trousers with rubber garden gloves peep out the top of pockets or actually worn as winter warmers.

A playful colour palette adds further liveliness to the workforce-like collection with padded outerwear either bulkily tied at the waists or draped upon winter layers in bright shades of orange, pink and purple. Touches of luminous yellow stand out on slogan t-shirts and caps, distracting from the monochrome hues of black, white and khaki. A few of Koshino’s classic Womenswear pieces ironically also make an appearance. The infamous Inflatable coat is reborn by being encased in other fabrics to conceal it’s usual PVC appearance. The brand’s ethos of practicality is far from compromised as waterproof and warm, sturdy textures ensure the wearer is comfortable and has a piece that will stay a wardrobe staple for a very long time.

The atmosphere at Michiko Koshino was a celebratory one. There was not a single I phone or DSLR that the models didn’t enthusiastically pose for whilst the crowd mingled with glasses of wine and fresh sushi snacks in homage to the designer’s Japanese heritage.

Words: SHANNA BENT  | @miss.bent

Images: JUSTYNA RADON | @justyna_radon & ANNEMARIE STERIAN | @annemariesterian

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