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Music January 7, 2018

An homage to London’s friend food culture. That’s all you need to know right? Well, if you’re not yet familiar with The Coolness, then you’re in for a real treat.

Previous releases ‘Trouser Arouser’, ‘Take it Off’ and ‘Semen’ have been no short of cartoon-rave anthems. Supplying a double ironic twist of ‘wild abandon fun’ for fashionistas and misfits of the underground London party scene and beyond.

The Coolness have a distinct and unique sound; producing the majority of their music using sounds from Casio and Yamaha keyboards found in junk shops. They are also known for being solely responsible for discovering and pioneering UK pop sensation Charli XCX.

photo credit | Al de Perez

“A ‘Chicken Leg Girl’ is a cultured and refined young lady who loves fried chicken more than life itself” says Chaz John Ross, lyricist and front-man and part-time Chicken Leg Girl. “To be a considered a ‘Chicken Leg Girl’ is a great feat; it means you have a healthy appetite. You have the affection of many.”

The music video is by multi award-winning writer and director Gsus Lopez. Originally from Spain, he is a world renowned LGBTQ film maker and is known for his smart, poignant and humorous take on the traditional love story. His work has been compared to John Waters and Pedro Almodóvar. The Coolness are tongue-in-cheek, almost cringe worthy. But with all the darkness being spread, a little satire never hurt anyone.


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